Ammophila contemporary art exhibition is a yearly visual arts project located in Elafonisos island, Lakonia. The exhibition aims to function as a living  organism that constantly expands and at the same time promotes contemporary artistic creation. The exhibition is open to all artistic practice(painting, sculpture, installation, video art, performance, lectures etc.) and encourages experimental approaches in a creative context. Ammophila is an invitation to meet, discourse, exchange views between artists and the public in an idyllic location whilst recreating its character. Invited artists, young as well as established, will present their work to the diverse audience of a Greek island during summer.

* ammophila: Ammophila is a genus of plants with most common amongst species, ammophila arenaria. It grows from a network of thick rhizomes which give it a sturdy anchor in its sand substrate and allow it to spread upward as sand accumulates. The rhizomes tolerate submersion in sea water and can break off and float in the currents to establish the grass at new sites.

Artistic direction: Evi Roumani

In collaboration with the Municipality of Elafonisos